A dieu to noise, goodbye to pollution, traffic snarls, stress and tensions. Our keen appreciation of your need of an escape to a soothingly peaceful and serene place, yet located right in the hearty of the city has resulted in the evolution of Velani Heights.

Elegant homes that epitomize the fine standards of urban living. The homes, the environs and the infrastructure are loaded with numerous remarkable features that make living an eternal festival & a joy.

The apartments exude a silent charm and a cool confidence, just like their residents to be. No wonder, we had you in mind while creating them!

The opulence of the inner spaces and the grandeur of the outdoors perfectly match each other. It is built to high technical standards and an eye on all the aesthetic and practical elements. Intelligent use of ducts for services, future maintenance provisions, and an overall functional orientation towards planning make these living spaces create a lasting impression.


Careful Planning by the design team has ensured optimum
comfort and functionality for the residents of Velani Heights!

  • The design is conceived to ensure a good looks and everyday utility. Functional aspects taken
    into account included natural lighting, ventilation, security, weathering, and services.
  • Maximum usable space with least wastage in circulation areas.
  • A careful attention is given to details, utilities, and services which make one's lifestyle.
  • More than just an aesthetic…… ..efficient and fully functional contemporary multi-dwelling
Design @ Virtual Effects