Layout Plan - Tower A
    Layout Plan - Tower B
  Payment Mode :
At the time of Booking 15%, Plinth Level 15%, Every Floor (5 x 10=50%) RCC Completed 50%, Masonary Work 10% Plaster Level 5%, Flooring Level 3%, On Possession 2%.
  Notes: ’Documentation charges, stamp duty, all municipal taxes, service tax, GEB meter deposit etc. shall be extra. ’The developers reserve the right to make any addition, alterations & amendments as may be necessitated from time to time in layout & building plan. ’Possession shall be given after one month of the settlement of all accounts. ’ Extra work shall be carried out after making full payment in advance. ’All members shall have to essentially be the part of the society formed by the association of members & shall abide by the society by-laws. ’In case of cancellation of booking, 20% of the booking amount plus the extra expenditure will be deducted from the booking amount. Amount shall be refunded after the booking of the same premises. ’Terrace rights will be bound to developers only. ’This brochure shall not be treated as a legal document; it is only for the purpose of information.  
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